Your Header on the New Google Sites Can Be a Video!?!

Yes, you read that headline correctly. I’m sure you have seen these websites that have videos on the homepage built into a parallax frame. Take this page for example. Well, the new Google Sites has just been released to my district domain and this is one of the first things I checked. Here is an example of what it looks like in a Google Site.

Put your video in

OK, so technically it isn’t a video. It is  a .gif file. A .gif file is essentially a video that loops continuously. This creates the same effect as putting in an actual video file. To insert your own image/gif, simply hover over the header until you see this toolbar pop up. googlesitesheader

Click on “Change Image” and then simply upload your gif.

Create your gif

I understand that you don’t want to use something from Giphy or elsewhere that is already premade. You want to create your own gifs that will look like personalized videos on your page. Well, if you use, that will be easy for you to do. Simply click on the video to gif tab and upload your video. This could be your classroom or an activity you sponsor. Use your imagination to capture what you want your site to look like. Once you upload your video, this website will also let you crop or optimize the video to lower the file size.


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