New Google Sites: Hide a Page from the Navigation Menu

Things are constantly being added to the new Google Sites. While my initial impressions were very mixed, I am really starting to get on board because of the ease of use. While there is some functionality that is missing, it is finally easy to make a Google Site that is not aesthetically offensive. I think Google will introduce those things soon though.

This post will be about hiding a page in the navigation menu. Many of you can think of uses for this right away. If you are not one of those people, here are some ideas for use. Create a portfolio website with a hidden page that includes more personal information. You could have a resume or phone number and the only people who will be able to see it are the ones you send a link to directly. The first use I had for it was hiding pages in a digital BreakoutEDU. You can find that Grinch themed Breakout here. By hiding pages, I can still hide links on the page without creating a completely different site to house the clue.

Hiding Pages in Navigation

Here’s how to do it. First create the page or pages that you want to hide by clicking on Pages in the top right and then on the create page button.createpage  Once you do this, you will see the page listed in the Pages menu with an overflow menu (three stacked dots) on the right or the page listing. Click on that menu, then choose “Hide from Navigation.” Once you hide it, you will also see a new icon appear on the left of the listing. I am not sure how to describe it, so it is circled in the screenshot. hidenavigation

To consider

As of right now, it is very important to publish the site and then navigate to the page before hiding it. Once you do that, bookmark the link or put it into a spreadsheet or another place for yourself. It will be the only way for you to get to the live page. If you click on “View Published Site” from the Publish menu, it will automatically bring you to the Site homepage. Since you have hidden the page in the navigation, there will be no way for you to get there to copy the link for sharing. Saving the URL of the hidden page will be the easiest way for you to access the page in the future.

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