Create a Professional Gmail Signature

It’s time to get rid of that boring text-only email signature. It doesn’t matter if you are in education or any other profession, this tip will work for you.

You have probably seen some really cool email signatures with pictures or GIFs included in them; probably from a company who can afford to hire someone to design things like email signatures. You can design these yourself in a pretty efficient manner and with no special know-how or design experience. This is what my current signature looks like. 

This is just an image, but in the real signature the links including the phone numbers are active. Did you know you can use Hangouts to make voice calls on your computer. Go ahead, try it by clicking on the phone number in somebody’s signature.

Create your signature

Everything I used to create this signature was free and easy to use. So here are the steps:

First, I used Canva to edit my image into a circle with the red frame around it. (As an added bonus, I was able to match the color of the frame to the red we use as a school district.) Once I was done with the design, I downloaded it as a PNG file for later use.

Now is where the fun starts. Open a new Google Docs document. Name it Gmail Signature so you have it later. Next, simply create a 2×1 table. 

Do NOT define any table properties yet. In the left cell, I inserted my image from Canva. You could choose to do this or put text there. Personalize and experiment with it in any way you like. I then put my contact details in the right hand cell. I am pretty boring so my fonts are plain, but you could do anything you want here with colors or font types. Remember to keep it professional and related to the position you hold. Art teachers may have a little more room for creativity than a principal. This is where you could create links. Maybe try a Twitter logo that links to your profile? Work on your spacing and image sizes so that it will appear the way you want it to appear. Whatever it looks like here will be what it looks like in your email.

Next is the trick that pulls the whole thing together. If you right click on the table (two-finger click on a touchpad) then choose table properties, you will see these options. 

Change the table border color to white or the size to 0 pt like I did. Once you do that, click OK to return to the Doc. Now make sure nothing is selected and tap ctrl+A or cmd+A on Mac to select everything. Now ctrl+C to copy and head to Gmail.

Open the settings menu and scroll down to the email signature box. Now paste the signature into the box and click “Save Changes” at the bottom. You now have an awesome email signature.

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