Set a Startpoint on Videos in Google Slides

One of the things that I get most excited about is when I stumble onto a feature that I didn’t know existed. That happened to me today while working in Google Slides. When I was embedding a video into a Slides presentation, I fell into a feature that I had actually looked for a couple months ago and couldn’t find. You can set a startpoint in a video that you have embedded into a presentation!

Insert a Video

Since you probably already know how to do this part, I’ll go quick. To insert a video, click on the ‘Insert’ option above the toolbar, then choose ‘Video.’ Here is where you can paste a YouTube URL, search for a YouTube video, or add a video saved to your Drive. The Drive feature was just recently added by Google. Of course, make sure your sharing settings are set properly so that the people viewing or collaborating on your slideshow can see the videos.

Set a Startpoint

In the past I tried copying a YouTube URL with a startpoint embedded. It didn’t work. So I thought that the feature didn’t exist. Well, today I found the feature right in Slides. Here’s how to do it:

After inserting the video, right-click on the video and choose ‘Video Options.’

There will now be a sidebar for you to choose the start (or even an end) point. This will also give you the option to autoplay the video while presenting or mute the audio track so only the video plays. I can think of pretty good uses for any of these things.

Have I been missing something for years, or did Google recently sneak in this feature? My guess is that I have been missing it for years. If you know for sure, please share that information with me.

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