5 Ways for Your Students to Use Google Keep

Google Keep is a fantastic tool. If you are not familiar with Keep, it is a notetaking app that is part of GSuite. My wife and I have been using it since it was introduced for shared shopping lists, etc. Here are some of the things that your students could be doing with Google Keep to help stay organized and prepared for class. Most of these things can be done on your phone or computer, but the power is using them in conjunction.

  1. Set Reminders based on time or location. Need your students to remember to bring something to class tomorrow? Have them set a reminder on Keep based on time or location (uses GPS) so they get a phone notification before class.  
  2. Use the image feature for notetaking. When using Keep for notes, it is possible to add images to the notes. This is powerful for visual learners, but it goes even deeper. If an image has text, Keep will use OCR to convert the image to text on your screen. 
  3. Create shared project to-do lists. When collaborating with others, the to-do list is a perfect way to make sure all tasks are completed. Students can put all the tasks in the list, in chronological order if there is one, then check them off as finished as it is completed. They can also share this list with you so that you can monitor the progress of the project.
  4. Dictate notes. Keep allows you to speak into it and it will dictate notes for you. It also saves the audio recording so you can listen back later. This feature is available on phones only, but of course it syncs back to your computer.
  5. Add a drawing. You can use your phone to draw with your finger or your computer to draw with your mouse or touchscreen. This will also grab the text from your drawing if you decide to “handwrite” your notes. 

What ways are you using Keep with your students?

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