Help Graduating Students Take Their Google Drive

One of the major pain points for GSuite for Education in the past is that there has never been a good or easy way to move files to a personal Google account for graduating students or teachers/admin who are moving in their careers. Luckily, Google has introduced a way to do this and it is now just a few clicks.

Transfer Your Google Drive

To access the transfer tool, you will first need to go to “My Account” by clicking on this link. You can also access this page by clicking on the “My Apps” icon in the App Array. 

There are tons of things that can be accessed by users here, but for this post we’ll focus on ‘Control your content’ in the ‘Personal info and privacy’ section. Once you do this, you will have two options: ‘Download your content’ or ‘Transfer your content.’ A download would require them to have storage solution with them…and really, who has time for a flash drive anymore? I suggest using the transfer tool. The catch to all of this is that your students will need to have personal Google accounts with enough storage to hold their data. Chances are that they don’t have enough in their Google Drive to fill up a personal account with the base 15GB of data available, but if they do they will need to delete some things to get below what they have available. Here is how it will work.

  1. Enter the email address of the account you want to transfer to.
  2. Go to that email, and copy the code that was sent via link to paste into your GSuite account.
  3. Now verify that you want to copy Gmail and/or Drive and click “Start Transfer.”

This process could take hours depending on how much data you are transferring. These files will not be shared with your personal account, they will actually be copied to the personal account. So be advised, these are not changing permissions on the original account and everything will still be exactly the same there. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time before the GSuite admins plan on making your account suspended or deleted.

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